Some of the folks who have helped the author put all this together


The St Albans Historical Museum, in

particular, A.J. McDonald.

The Kentucky Historical Society, in

particular, Mrs Nancy Hitt.

Pete Dexter, author extraordinaire (Paris Trout, The Paperboy, Deadwood) provided a candid critique.

Alex Beam and Kiki Lundberg supplied New

England perspective,  literary inspiration,

and much hospitality.

Eric Gardner proved that yes, yes! You can

make your work fly. Soar into space even.

The St Albans City and District, the one in England, can tell you a lot about

Sanctus Albanus.

Philip Gerbode supplied artistic views of

St Albans, Vermont.

David Webster photographed Saint

Alban in stainglass.

Ishmael Reed, Poet and Professor -

I named the Corporal after him.

James Rizoli researched the life of

Ann Eliza Smith, First Lady of Vermont.

Henry Ridgeway, Peter Plunkett, and

Benelli USA provided images of firearms.

Michael Smith lent images of workmen,

e.g., Elinas Morrison and crew

The Hash House Harriers, especially the

Gypsies of San Francisco and the Maniacs of Montreal.  What do they have to do with all this? Damned if I know, but On on!

The Green Apple Bookstore of San Francisco.

Mary Hamblin researched the

Montreal trials of the raiders.

My family, immediate and extended,

including the in-laws, have been helpful

if bemused.

TJ Stiles has given literary inspiration and

historical advice.

Michael Tilton Williams, creator of stunning photographs, has provided artistic advice.

Laura Del Rosso took the author's photo and

has given infinite help in other ways.

Dr. Lyon Rathbun, friend from way back, kept on my case to actually write something.

Scott Skipper said nice things about my book.  The Mouse that Roared meets The Russians Are Coming?  Well, okay.  I like your work too, Scott, especially In the Blood.

Jogena's E-Book and Zine Directories for helping me me promote this opus.

The College of San Mateo:  I taught English composition there for 25 years.  Did I get any better at it myself?  Reader, you may judge.

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