These people

played lesser

but still

significant roles

in our story.




John Hunt Morgan - showed

Young, and others, what raiding

in enemy country could really

accomplish - and that no

Yankee prison could hold him.

John Wilkes Booth -  the Shakesperean

suggested an offstage, in fact ex theatris,

role for Lieutenant Young and his band of


William Tecumseh Sherman -

"War is Hell, and you cannot

refine it." The Yankee general

was in a way the inspiration for

Young and his men.


Confederate Secretary of State

Judah P. Benjamin briefed the

lieutenant on his mission and

hinted at its broader strategy:

get John Bull involved in this


Emma Conger constantly reminded

her husband George that the war

was far away and he should stop 

imagining Rebels in the bushes.

 Marian Fuller already had two

 sons in the Army. She didn't

 want her youngest playing


Young and some of the boys. Some confusion about the names on the part of the photographer.